Green Cleaning 

I found this on a blog (Apartment Therapy) that I have been subscribing to.  Most of these things we have done for years, but I loved the completeness of this post.  Not to mention the great retro graphics.


It can seem hard to be green when you live in an apartment in a big city. Particularly if you live modestly and don’t drive a car everyday, you can come to feel that your environmental footprint is pretty small. But there a many little things that make a difference, and I’ve come to think of being green as more of a lifestyle shift than a simple purchasing shift. As much as the stuff, it’s the thinking that counts.

One small thinking and purchasing change we’ve made over the years is to replace all of our cleaning supplies (liquids and powders) with natural and non-toxic products. These things get used daily, going down the drain A LOT, and it’s been great to get off this toxic bandwagon.

Here’s a list of what we use, plus a good roundup of recommended posts from our sites. What’s your lineup? Email me and I’ll add it to the post tomorrow – (LINEUP in the subject).

Our Lineup:

Dishes – Caldrea Lavender Pine Dish Soap

Laundry – 7th Generation

Dishwasher – Ecover

Glass – 7th Generation

General Cleaner – Mrs. Meyers

Toilet – 7th Generation

Bath & Tile Scrubbing – Bon Ami

Whitening – OXO Brite Non-Chlorine Bleach

Also – Vinegar & Water


Green Cleaning Roundups:

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Green Cleaning How To’s:


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Green Cleaning Proucts:

Method’s Le Scrub and Li’l Bowl Blu

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