Ravelry forums

Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil. 
Elie Wiesel 

I posted on a Ravelry forum that I had seen a particularly offensive political thread, and pondered what could be done.  The first 6 or so responses were informative.  Then it regressed to people telling me to stay inside my house and not even peek out of the curtains, and essentially vilifying ME for not wanting to see offensive things on Ravelry.  Luckily, the moderator had a posting at the top showing how to not have a thread register on your own account, and I have now blocked my own thread that I started, as I have a thin skin and just don’t like being called names.  Funny thing is, that when I look at the profiles of a lot of these voracious posters, they actually do not knit that much.  Seems that they get a thrill out of beating people up that they haven’t even met.

This past semester when  I was taking a break from teaching at the community college, I walked past a room where the students were learning some type of computer skills.  The teacher was saying that they needed to type their emails, put them into draft mode, and come back and read them later.  Don’t just press the send button.  I chuckled at the time, but it was probably the best advise that they could be given.  Now if only that could be transferred to some of these Ravelragers.