Hanne, Queen of Garter Stitch


This is my second Hanne Falkenberg design that I have knitted.  I bought the kit from someone on Ravelry.  When it came, I looked at it and saw 3 VERY closely dyed pinks, and thought I would never be able to keep them straight.  I was in a hurry to grab a knitting project to bring out to CA while I am with my sister.  I had just finished freezing this yarn (from my recent moth problem), and looked at the kit and thought it was all there, planning done for me.  Unfortunately, I grabbed a ton of 1,2 & size 3 needles, none in the right length.  So, I now have 2 more size 1 and 2 circulars.  I tend to use these a lot, and I bet they are on UFO’s.  

The pattern is just garter stitch.  You start with one color, knit across the row, push back to the beginning of that row, knit with color 2, push back to the beginning of the row again, knit with color 3.  TURN.  And repeat this over and over and over.  This is one of those Zen type knitting projects.  The result of using 3 very similar colors is a beautiful mosaic of pink.  At first glance, it looks like it is a variegated solid, except that it is a regular pattern.  Almost make a glistening pink color.  I love this technique, and want to try it to get stripes on a regular sweater, or using more varied yarns.  Hanne is really a master at the garter stitch.

The first Hanne Falkenberg sweater that I made was the Ballerina sweater many years ago.  While that is posted on Ravelry, it predates my blog, so here are the photos of that sweater.  I really love the design in it, and the colors.  I get great compliments on the sweater whenever I wear it.