Marilyn’s socks

I finished up the socks for my sister the day that she had surgery.  Marilyn was one of the oldest kids in our family, and she was like a mother to Jill who was the youngest.  So, I thought it only fitting that these socks go to Jill.  She loves them, although being wool, they are not really appropriate for the summer SF weather.  I love how the Monkey sock pattern worked up with this highly variegated yarn.  They remind me of the colors of the ocean.  



Continuing to work on the Hanne Falkenberg Butterfly jacket.  It is a bit of a slow go.  240 stitches per row on size 2.  The deceiving part is that it is compressed right now, and will relax when washed up.  

Went to Berkeley the other day with my sister.  Saw the Chapel of the Chimes by Julia Morgan, a wonderful Chapel devoted to creamation.  An amazing unfolding of small spaces.  Hard to describe, and these photos don’t really show the interior private spaces where there is room after room of walls filled with vessels.  Looked like an old gothic library at first sight.



Then we tried to go into Bernard Maybeck Church in Berkeley, but it was locked up.  I will have to return to Oakland/Berkeley in the future and tour the Maybeck and Morgan edifices more thoroughly.