I am now back from my trip to California, and trying to get my house in order, and everything cleaned up.  My husband and son did a fair job of keeping things in order while I was gone.  Lloyd was very happy to see me, appparently he was very depressed while I was gone.

Our last full day in SF, Jill and I drove up to Petaluma.  Had a very nice lunch at an Italian restaurant, went antique shopping at this beautiful old bank that is now an antique store (where I found the coolest item, must call to see about the shipping), and then went to visit Mimi on her farm.  I had met Mimi the previous weekend at the Marin Farmer’s Market, where she had her old Toyota truck backed up as her stall, hay bales sitting on it, and a table with baskets of yarn from the sheep and llamas that she had grown.   I stopped to talk with her, and she gave me a card that said that she gave tours of her farm.  So, we arranged for Saturday, and drove up to visit her.  

After driving out of the town of Petaluma for several miles, through beautiful roling hills, we drove up a beautiful driveway lined with American Black Walnut trees providing a wonderful canopy of shade and enclosure.  The path opened out onto a small circular drive, surrounded by pastures with llamas and goats, a ramshackle barn, a wonderful outdoor patio that separated the barn from her house, and the beat-up Toyota truck, along with 3 other various types of vehicles that looked like they had been parked for quite some time.  Mimi came out to greet us, and Jill and I had to take off our cute walking shoes for something more practical, and suited to walking in the pastures.  Mimi is a joy, full of life and vigor.  Always seems to be happy and positive.  She has 26 acres, and we saw the llamas (not friendly at all), goats, and went into the sheep pasture.  A young boy sheep with the most beautiful brown coat was very friendly with Jill and followed us.  Mimi then showed us the wool form the sheep and llamas at various stages, and the wool that she had dyed on the old viking stove sitting out in the patio space (the wonderful thing about California is the outdoor cooking areas that you can have and actually use).

I ended up purchasing 2 skeins of a bulky wool that had been dyed with the black walnuts from the trees.  I really did not have a need or much of a desire to purchase more wool (still reeling from the moth scare), but felt obligated to get something after all of the time that she spent with us, and how sweet she was. And, I love how the deep chocolate brown color looks.  Now, what to make?  I was thinking a garter stitch Faroese shawl.  Would be warm and beautiful, just letting the colors show through.