Louie the couch potato


Well, actually the Moser Chaise Lounge potato.  I needed some comic relief, and Louie came to the rescue.  He is such a goofball, but a sweetie none the less.  

Twisted my ankle at the “South Oak Park Housewalk” after-party.  I was serving hors d’oeveurs, and the went out to clean up.  Missed the last step and fell on the patio.  My ego was bruised as well, and I was most concerned about the red wine on my favorite summer pants.  In spite of everything, when I finally got home late in the morning, I took them downstairs, and soaked them in OXO and Charlies soap, and voila, all cleaned up.  Jim brought me crutches, which I have been thankful for.  Yesterday I did a bit too much, I am taking it slower today, and keeping my foot up.

Look at this posting about the walk on Strange Closets:


I have continued to work on my Hanne sweater.  What a lot of knitting!  If your resolution is good, you will see one darker stripe on the back.  I got my sequencing wrong in one 3 row section, and decided to leave it.  These colors are so close I wasn’t sure that it would matter at first.  I am not ripping it back for 2 reasons: I think that I am the only one who will notice it, and it provides me with a reminder of how effective this technique is; and as the Amish do, you put one mistake into every project so that it does not appear that you are trying to be perfect as only God can be.  I have also added the slip stitches to the arm edge for pick-up.  the pattern says specifically NOT to, but no matter how much I thought about it, it made most sense to put them there.   The pick-up ratio is the same as for the front banding, and this will give a clear definition of where to pick up, and make a very clean line.  I hope that I don’t live to regret this decision, as ripping it back would cause this to be shoved into the back closet.