buckminster-fullerWe went yesterday to see the (thankfully) extended exhibit on Buckminster Fuller at the Chicago Museum of Modern Art.  This had been on our radar, and almost missed it.  The exhibit had a lot of his personal sketches and correspondence, and 3 separate films.  This man was truly a visionary, and inventor.  He was a great proponent of the geodesic dome, prefabbed housing, housing for the poor, and most importantly, a plan to share the world’s resources evenly.  Now imagine that.   My only disappointment was the realization that he had taken an idea from a former student and later called it his own with no credit.  Kind of knocked him down a bit in my viewpoint.  Also, in looking at the exhibit, you can clearly see influences that were taken by Frank Lloyd Wright years later.  Bucky was one prolific writer, and speaker.  I had the fortune to see him speak the year prior to his death.  He spoke for 4 hours straight, a departure from the usual 8-10 of earlier years.  It was quite interesting, and a highlight of my school years.


My knitting is chugging along, I want to finish some things so that I can start a new, exciting large project.  I started a new pair of socks yesterday for my husband.  Just plain ribbed socks, but they work well for traveling on the el, or driving in a car.  

I want to start these socks for myself, loved them when I saw them on Ravelry.  We are going to the beach for the 4th, and I think that these might be the best project.  They have been viewed by over 8,000 people on Ravelry—amazing.  This is a great example of simplicity really thought out well.2504602449_79be1a0131_m