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    July Mystery over 

    I finished the July Mystery socks for Sock Knitters Anonymous.  I decided that I needed a simpler top than the one that was designed.  I really like my pink and green colors, and that was interest enough in my opinion.  I chose to simply repeat the cherries one more time at the top, and then finish them off.   The Regia silk makes them very soft, but they are not real stretchy, and the memory in the yarn is not great.  I think that they work well as a low sock.  These are going to be put away in the gift box.  I think that they would be a fun gift.  I guess that I will have to see about the September Mystery socks.  The concept is not bad, just wonder if this is the thing for me.


    We had our second book discussion last night where we talked about the book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.  The book takes place in China, and deals with women, friendships and foot binding.  We had a very good discussion, the book generated lots of lively conversations.  While the subject matter was good, the writing was not stellar.  It was a definite improvement from last month when we read The Believers by Zoe Heller.  We universally panned that book (Poor character development, awful dialogue, and lack of a real story line), and had very little to say.    The foot binding descriptions were tough, and will stay with me unfortunately.  Amazing the things that have been done to and by women to control and oppress them over the years, and often done in the name of fashion.  There was  a lot of talk in the book about the women’s room, and the crafts that they did, including weaving and embroidery, and the great pride that they took in embellishing the items that they made.  Not unlike knitting and the wonderful communities that I have formed with Stitch ‘n Bitch groups, Ravelry, and the local knit shops.

    • theLady 7:19 pm on July 30, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Nice socks!!
      I read that book too, and the foot binding really sickened me as well. So weird that inflicting disgusting pain on women was considered normal and good. Though it’s still that way in some countries – thank god not in America. I enjoyed the book though, bar the foot binding.


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    Lizard socks 

    I started making the lizard socks on Saturday, and am addicted.  DSCN1727I used the Regia Silk 6 ply, and some hand dyed yarn that I bought at the local winter Farmer’s Market.  I don’t know who the vendor is, as I don’t even think that they had a tag on the yarn.  In any case, it was all wound up, and I decided that this would be a good use for it.  The yarn is a bit finer than most of the sock yarn that I have.  Like happens too often, I loved the colors while on the skein, and less when wound up.  They knit up very muddied in some locations, like where the red and blue meet, which happens with regularity.  I really need to study the formulations that work well.  There are so many people out there dying yarns now, and many are very beautiful, but don’t always knit up so well.  I think that is why I am tending more towards the hand dyed semi-solids.  Those seem to be a safer bet.

    So, I took this yarn, ordered the Lizard pattern on-line through Ravelry, and started knitting on Saturday.  I decided to use a figure 8 looped cast-on for the toe-up socks.  Then I very quickly decided that I would need a gusset.  I have yet to find a non-gusseted sock that I think fits me, or anyone else well.  Nature has it that your ankles are wider than your feet, and knitters long ago figured out how to accommodate that fact.  That led me to use a striped bottom, and the stripes increase as the gusset increases.  Then I did a short row heel, and picked up the gusset stitches from each side.  I had to think about how to start and end the heel.  I decided that when I started the back of the sock with the established background pattern, that it needed to start the same way that the sock started after the toe.  Had to rip out a couple of times to get this figured out, and my counts correct.  I ended up picking up 2 extra stitches in the gusset from the sock, which were taken care of when I closed the hole at the heel/sock intersection by picking up 2 sts each side there.  You can’t see the gusset or the back in this photo, I will show them when the socks are finished.

    I love fair isle, as it is so addicting to see the patterns evolving.  That is the problem with these socks, and I need to put them away until SnB tonite.  I could easily spend the whole day finishing these up.  What I have to do is spend the day reading the book for my book group: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.


    • theLady 4:15 pm on July 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve wanted to knit those socks since I’ve seen the pattern, and yours look nice! Though don’t discount non-gusseted heels for everyone! I love knitting a plain old short-row heel and they fit me and my boyfriend quite well.


  • knitting1105 12:21 pm on July 25, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    I shouldn’t have called this pattern stupid 

    Because…now I can’t find the almost finished Gallery#175 jacket for my daughter.   I had only to do the cap sleeves and it was done.  I put it away in early June when I went to California, and had my moth infestation.  I am sure that it got a turn in the freezer, but my son was in charge of that, and all the yarn is in ziplock bags in a sort of makes sense order.  I spent an hour yesterday looking for it before I finally gave up.

    My new project is the lizard socks.  Except that I am using white for the light green, and a multi-color for the dark green.  I need to cast these on soon, as they will count in my July Sock-knitters Anonymous challenge.


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    Socks and cake 

    I finished up my doily socks this morning.  I really like these, and think that I will keep them for myself.  Louie always seems to get his mug in the photos.  Ella is always off exploring something.


    The final clue came yesterday for the Sockknitters Anonymopus July Mystery sock.  It really is not my style, a bit “country” feeling.  I love my colors that I have chosen, and have to think how to make this sock work for me.  I think that if I had seen the finished product, I would probably have not started the sock.  This is going to make me be creative in more ways than just the structure of the sock.  So, those are sitting in my bag for a bit while I mull over what they should end up looking like, and what the 4th color should really be.

    Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday, and I found the Barbie cake mold in the attic (along with a whole bunch of other things that should not be up there).  I made her a Barbie cake and put it on the Poodle Skirt cake platter that I bought recently.  It is a bit funny with a little body, and the legs look like they belong to the skirt.  I think that it would work with a bigger doll torso, might have to find one.  I did not do the best job decorating the cake, but it was fun.  We had sushi, Japanese noodles with Bok Choy and shitake mushrooms, and I made chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  Was a good dinner.  Unfortunately, both kids have been under the weather.


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    Fiber Festival 

    I took my husband to the midwest Fiber and Folk Festival on Saturday, thinking that I could look at yarn, and he would have music to entertain him.  In theory that works, except when I am less than impressed with the vendor area, there are no demonstrations that I am interested in, and the music is just okay.  So, we spent an hour each way in the car, which was nice just being together, and $10 each to get into the fair.  A lot of money for 1 skein of yarn.

    1.2I love their graphics, and I know that it is still a new venture.  If I were a spinner I would have been more interested in the fair, as there were lots of different rovings.  Most of the hand-dyed yarns were uninspiring, and unlike Stitches Midwest, there were not great samples that I felt the need to absolutely knit up.  It did fortify my desire to learn to spin however.  I found my new friend Carol (Rivers Edge Workshop), and bought another skein of sock yarn from her.

    DSCN1704I decided to photograph this outside, as the natural light and green grass make everything look so wonderful.  Then I decided that if grass looked good, why not my beautiful rain garden.  Then Louie got very interested and I had to rescue my yarn.  This yarn is going to be used to make a pair of the arch socks using the normal construction, and after I am sure how to make the, I will do the ones with the ribbing all of the way down, like the orange socks that I showed in an earlier post.


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    Doily socks 

    I saw these socks on Ravelry, and had to make them.  It is a free pattern titled “Grun ist die Hoffnung”  by Stephanie van der Linen.  The July Mystery socks, my Maraschino Cherry are both finished through Clue#3, and are sitting waiting for the last clue.    I called these the Doily Socks because the front is made as a separate flat square, starting at the center, and they very much look like the doily’s that my mother makes.


    This is the second phase, where you knit the top piece, and start a short tow toe.


    Then, you turn the toe, and knit a front stitch to the back at the end of each row.


    I have done a short tow heel, and am finishing up the cuff.  These are going to be low socks.  I normally am not a fan of the short row heel, as it pulls tight across the instep, but, this lace pattern has a lot of give to it.

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    It is hard to photograph your own feet 

    I am progressing on my Maraschino socks, and love my color combination.  I was trying to photograph my feet this morning to show the progress.  Not an easy feat (ha ha), by any means.  If you look at most peoples sock photos, it looks like their legs are trunks.  Probably why CookieA had leg mannequins to model her socks.  I might have to invest in that.  Here is one of the socks with the heel in.  I am ripping it back, and adding more gusset increases, it is just too tight across the instep, and is especially noticeable with the stripes.  On to the other sock to work it with more gusset increases, then I will finish up this one.  I also need to work on minimizing the gap where the heel connects.  It is perfect on the other side.  Have to wait until next Wednesday for the final clue.  I am very curious what the top of these socks will look like.  There is a brown color that needs to be added in the final stage.


    Speaking of CookieA, I bought her much anticipated sock book a while back.


    I actually had to wait for it as the publisher had not anticipated that there would be such a demand for a sock book of all things, and they had to do a second printing right away.  Must be a bunch of men in charge.  Obviously they have nobody making handknit socks for them, or they would have known.  There are some interesting patterns that I want to make, but I must say that I liked some of CookieA’s earlier self published patterns better.  I have those on the docket first I think.  I was surprised that the publisher did not continue Cookie’s trademark of modeling her socks on mannequin legs.  I think that the socks look so much better, and some of the models in the book have stumpy legs, and it does not show off the socks well.  The mannequins work so well because their feet are always arched.  If they would just do this in the book (they did in a few cases), the socks look so much better.  I think that Glynis will be my first socks from this book.

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    Maraschino Cherry Socks 

    I recently found out about the “Mystery Sock” as part of the Sock Knitters Anonymous forum.  I am bummed that I missed the first one, as I really liked the pattern, and now would have to buy it.  This sock is called the cherry sock, and the sample and most of the ones shown on Ravelry are knit up with beautiful hand painted red, white and green yarns.  I looked at my stash and had some Claudia handpaint in red and green, and for a few moments contemplated purchasing 2 skeins of a white also.  Then the vision of my yarn stash got hold of me, and I thought better of that.  I was tempted to use the Regia Silk white that I had lots of with the Claudia, but it just didn’t seem to work.  Then I got the idea to use the pink Sisu yarn that I was going to make another pair of socks with, and a lime green Regia that I had.  So, these are very retro looking, aka 1950’s, socks.  The cherries really look like the totally unnatural maraschino cherry color, hence my name.  At first I was thinking that these socks were going to be a bit too “cutsie”, but I really like them with my color choice.  I feel that I should wear these around the house with a retro apron, hair done up, and a house dress when completed.  I haven’t started on clue 3 yet, which is the heel portion.  Here are the socks from yesterday, notice the ones on the left have the leaves lined up with the cherries.  The right sock is as per the pattern.  Being a daughter of symmetry, I reworked the right socks to have the leaves line up, and I like it much better:



    I made a couple of changes from the pattern aside from the colors.  I used a figure 8 cast-on instead of the Turkish cast-on with 2 circular needles.  I tried that, and found it way too confusing and overly complicated.  This type of figure 8 cast-on was used by Anna Zillbourg in magnificent mittens, and allows you to have a seamless top to a mitten or toe on a toe-up sock.  I also did not like the increase that they were using, and did not like how it looked on others socks as well.  I used a lifted increase leaning either right or left.  Then on the gusset portion, she has this beautiful V outlined in pink (red) that hold the gusset increases.  However, on row 2 of the gusset section she has you knit with white all the way across and the V is broken.  So, I simply started slipping the Pink from the beginning, and I get a very clearly outlined gusset.  If you compare this with others on Ravelry, you will notice the difference.  Now my last change appears to be a mistake on my part in reading, as I have increase the gusset 1 more than suggested each side.  I will easily take care of that after the heel portion is complete, as you have to increase stitches there anyway.  I am going to turn the heel on one pair of socks and try it on to make sure that the fit is right.

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    Happy Bastille Day! 

    Lloyd and his good friend Hannah were the hit of the Poodle Parade last Saturday, in honor of Bastille Day, and sponsored by one of my favorite shops in Oak Park, The Careful Peach. http://www.shopcarefulpeach.com  Lloyd was a classic Frenchman, and Hannah the French maid.  It was a lot of fun.

    DSCN1589The store also had a sale on anything French, so I bought a small Eiffel Tower, and this absolutely adorable cake pan.  How could I turn that down?  Sofia wants her birthday cake to be a Barbie Doll cake like she had at age 6, on top of this platter.  Never mind that she is in her 20’s, I do too!


    • Adele Cannell 6:22 pm on July 22, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I was reading your blog and saw this adorable picture of Lloyd. He is such a handsome guy! I am going to visit the Careful Peach next time I’m on Harrison Street. Hope to see you Monday evening.


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    Plain and simple 

    I made these socks for my husband (I am modeling them, so they are a bit loose).  He loves wearing hand-knit socks every day during the wintertime to work, so they need to be simple, and easy to wear, not to mention knit.  I started these when we were at the beach over the 4th of July to have something easy to knit with on the beach (since the Hanne Butterfly is getting a bit unwieldy and hot).  Normally these would have stayed on the needles as traveling knitting.  But, I was looking at the Ravelry the other day, and discovered the “Mystery Socks” in the Sock Knitters Anonymous forum.  I can’t believe that I missed last month, which was a beautiful cabled sock.  So, I was in the mood to try this month’s socks, and needed to get my needles cleared.  


    I originally tried a fun accent color for the toe, but it just wasn’t working for me.  I read about a sock knitter whose husband wears her socks to the office.  She always puts a fun bright toe at the end of the socks, and one of his workmates who is a knitter demands to see the toe of any new socks that he has.  I like that concept, will have to try it again another time.DSCN1570

    • theLady 2:31 pm on July 13, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      How nice! I always feel so gratified that my boyfriend loves his hand knit socks best. I am knitting the Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks – it’s a nice pattern if you haven’t knit it yet.


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