Plain and simple 

I made these socks for my husband (I am modeling them, so they are a bit loose).  He loves wearing hand-knit socks every day during the wintertime to work, so they need to be simple, and easy to wear, not to mention knit.  I started these when we were at the beach over the 4th of July to have something easy to knit with on the beach (since the Hanne Butterfly is getting a bit unwieldy and hot).  Normally these would have stayed on the needles as traveling knitting.  But, I was looking at the Ravelry the other day, and discovered the “Mystery Socks” in the Sock Knitters Anonymous forum.  I can’t believe that I missed last month, which was a beautiful cabled sock.  So, I was in the mood to try this month’s socks, and needed to get my needles cleared.  


I originally tried a fun accent color for the toe, but it just wasn’t working for me.  I read about a sock knitter whose husband wears her socks to the office.  She always puts a fun bright toe at the end of the socks, and one of his workmates who is a knitter demands to see the toe of any new socks that he has.  I like that concept, will have to try it again another time.DSCN1570