It is hard to photograph your own feet 

I am progressing on my Maraschino socks, and love my color combination.  I was trying to photograph my feet this morning to show the progress.  Not an easy feat (ha ha), by any means.  If you look at most peoples sock photos, it looks like their legs are trunks.  Probably why CookieA had leg mannequins to model her socks.  I might have to invest in that.  Here is one of the socks with the heel in.  I am ripping it back, and adding more gusset increases, it is just too tight across the instep, and is especially noticeable with the stripes.  On to the other sock to work it with more gusset increases, then I will finish up this one.  I also need to work on minimizing the gap where the heel connects.  It is perfect on the other side.  Have to wait until next Wednesday for the final clue.  I am very curious what the top of these socks will look like.  There is a brown color that needs to be added in the final stage.


Speaking of CookieA, I bought her much anticipated sock book a while back.


I actually had to wait for it as the publisher had not anticipated that there would be such a demand for a sock book of all things, and they had to do a second printing right away.  Must be a bunch of men in charge.  Obviously they have nobody making handknit socks for them, or they would have known.  There are some interesting patterns that I want to make, but I must say that I liked some of CookieA’s earlier self published patterns better.  I have those on the docket first I think.  I was surprised that the publisher did not continue Cookie’s trademark of modeling her socks on mannequin legs.  I think that the socks look so much better, and some of the models in the book have stumpy legs, and it does not show off the socks well.  The mannequins work so well because their feet are always arched.  If they would just do this in the book (they did in a few cases), the socks look so much better.  I think that Glynis will be my first socks from this book.