Doily socks

I saw these socks on Ravelry, and had to make them.  It is a free pattern titled “Grun ist die Hoffnung”  by Stephanie van der Linen.  The July Mystery socks, my Maraschino Cherry are both finished through Clue#3, and are sitting waiting for the last clue.    I called these the Doily Socks because the front is made as a separate flat square, starting at the center, and they very much look like the doily’s that my mother makes.


This is the second phase, where you knit the top piece, and start a short tow toe.


Then, you turn the toe, and knit a front stitch to the back at the end of each row.


I have done a short tow heel, and am finishing up the cuff.  These are going to be low socks.  I normally am not a fan of the short row heel, as it pulls tight across the instep, but, this lace pattern has a lot of give to it.