Fiber Festival 

I took my husband to the midwest Fiber and Folk Festival on Saturday, thinking that I could look at yarn, and he would have music to entertain him.  In theory that works, except when I am less than impressed with the vendor area, there are no demonstrations that I am interested in, and the music is just okay.  So, we spent an hour each way in the car, which was nice just being together, and $10 each to get into the fair.  A lot of money for 1 skein of yarn.

1.2I love their graphics, and I know that it is still a new venture.  If I were a spinner I would have been more interested in the fair, as there were lots of different rovings.  Most of the hand-dyed yarns were uninspiring, and unlike Stitches Midwest, there were not great samples that I felt the need to absolutely knit up.  It did fortify my desire to learn to spin however.  I found my new friend Carol (Rivers Edge Workshop), and bought another skein of sock yarn from her.

DSCN1704I decided to photograph this outside, as the natural light and green grass make everything look so wonderful.  Then I decided that if grass looked good, why not my beautiful rain garden.  Then Louie got very interested and I had to rescue my yarn.  This yarn is going to be used to make a pair of the arch socks using the normal construction, and after I am sure how to make the, I will do the ones with the ribbing all of the way down, like the orange socks that I showed in an earlier post.