Socks and cake 

I finished up my doily socks this morning.  I really like these, and think that I will keep them for myself.  Louie always seems to get his mug in the photos.  Ella is always off exploring something.


The final clue came yesterday for the Sockknitters Anonymopus July Mystery sock.  It really is not my style, a bit “country” feeling.  I love my colors that I have chosen, and have to think how to make this sock work for me.  I think that if I had seen the finished product, I would probably have not started the sock.  This is going to make me be creative in more ways than just the structure of the sock.  So, those are sitting in my bag for a bit while I mull over what they should end up looking like, and what the 4th color should really be.

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday, and I found the Barbie cake mold in the attic (along with a whole bunch of other things that should not be up there).  I made her a Barbie cake and put it on the Poodle Skirt cake platter that I bought recently.  It is a bit funny with a little body, and the legs look like they belong to the skirt.  I think that it would work with a bigger doll torso, might have to find one.  I did not do the best job decorating the cake, but it was fun.  We had sushi, Japanese noodles with Bok Choy and shitake mushrooms, and I made chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  Was a good dinner.  Unfortunately, both kids have been under the weather.