Lizard socks 

I started making the lizard socks on Saturday, and am addicted.  DSCN1727I used the Regia Silk 6 ply, and some hand dyed yarn that I bought at the local winter Farmer’s Market.  I don’t know who the vendor is, as I don’t even think that they had a tag on the yarn.  In any case, it was all wound up, and I decided that this would be a good use for it.  The yarn is a bit finer than most of the sock yarn that I have.  Like happens too often, I loved the colors while on the skein, and less when wound up.  They knit up very muddied in some locations, like where the red and blue meet, which happens with regularity.  I really need to study the formulations that work well.  There are so many people out there dying yarns now, and many are very beautiful, but don’t always knit up so well.  I think that is why I am tending more towards the hand dyed semi-solids.  Those seem to be a safer bet.

So, I took this yarn, ordered the Lizard pattern on-line through Ravelry, and started knitting on Saturday.  I decided to use a figure 8 looped cast-on for the toe-up socks.  Then I very quickly decided that I would need a gusset.  I have yet to find a non-gusseted sock that I think fits me, or anyone else well.  Nature has it that your ankles are wider than your feet, and knitters long ago figured out how to accommodate that fact.  That led me to use a striped bottom, and the stripes increase as the gusset increases.  Then I did a short row heel, and picked up the gusset stitches from each side.  I had to think about how to start and end the heel.  I decided that when I started the back of the sock with the established background pattern, that it needed to start the same way that the sock started after the toe.  Had to rip out a couple of times to get this figured out, and my counts correct.  I ended up picking up 2 extra stitches in the gusset from the sock, which were taken care of when I closed the hole at the heel/sock intersection by picking up 2 sts each side there.  You can’t see the gusset or the back in this photo, I will show them when the socks are finished.

I love fair isle, as it is so addicting to see the patterns evolving.  That is the problem with these socks, and I need to put them away until SnB tonite.  I could easily spend the whole day finishing these up.  What I have to do is spend the day reading the book for my book group: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.