July Mystery over 

I finished the July Mystery socks for Sock Knitters Anonymous.  I decided that I needed a simpler top than the one that was designed.  I really like my pink and green colors, and that was interest enough in my opinion.  I chose to simply repeat the cherries one more time at the top, and then finish them off.   The Regia silk makes them very soft, but they are not real stretchy, and the memory in the yarn is not great.  I think that they work well as a low sock.  These are going to be put away in the gift box.  I think that they would be a fun gift.  I guess that I will have to see about the September Mystery socks.  The concept is not bad, just wonder if this is the thing for me.


We had our second book discussion last night where we talked about the book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.  The book takes place in China, and deals with women, friendships and foot binding.  We had a very good discussion, the book generated lots of lively conversations.  While the subject matter was good, the writing was not stellar.  It was a definite improvement from last month when we read The Believers by Zoe Heller.  We universally panned that book (Poor character development, awful dialogue, and lack of a real story line), and had very little to say.    The foot binding descriptions were tough, and will stay with me unfortunately.  Amazing the things that have been done to and by women to control and oppress them over the years, and often done in the name of fashion.  There was  a lot of talk in the book about the women’s room, and the crafts that they did, including weaving and embroidery, and the great pride that they took in embellishing the items that they made.  Not unlike knitting and the wonderful communities that I have formed with Stitch ‘n Bitch groups, Ravelry, and the local knit shops.