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Finished up my Ilga’s Socks by Nancy Bush last night with the last of the end weaving.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, just watched TV and took a Zen-like approach.  Perhaps I can use this technique to finishing the ends on a couple of sweaters that have been sitting for literally years.  I love the color of these socks, and they match perfectly with a flower in my rain garden (don’t ask me what it is, native to Illinois, and the butterflies love it, beautiful vibrant color).



Now, I am moving back to the Socks That Rock 2008 socks that I never knit up last year.  I got bored with the club, and the lack of challenge.  While the colors that they dye are beautiful, even their light weight is heavier than I want for most of my socks, and it definitely would not work with stranded sock knitting (at least if you ever wanted to put on a shoe or boot).   So,  I had 3 skeins, and 4 patterns left (one month came with 2 patterns for the same lot).


I chose the top skein, which was called Tide Pooling, and am working on the sock pattern that came with it, Cloning Anemone Rib.  A very simple pattern, the colors are pretty and it has a springy, squishy feel to the ribbing.  Not a sock pattern that I would have gravitated towards, but okay.