Sand, knitting and Scrabble 

That was the crux of my weeklong vacation at my sister’s wonderful beach house on Lake Michigan with my husband, daughter, son, and 4 of his friends.  Lots of cooking, resting, knitting, and laying on the beach.   I bought a scrabble board for the house (how can any vacation property be lacking in scrabble?), and my husband and I squared off.  I should have quit when I was ahead 4-0.  It is always interesting to play scrabble with him, as his brain holds the most amazing amount of abstract facts, bizarre words, etc.  Like “kerf”, the amount of wood that is taken away by the saw blade during a cutting.


I also started on the arch socks, but only finished one sock to the toes, as I wanted to come home and get the directions for a star toe from my Nancy Bush book.  I followed the pattern carefully, but I believe that there is a mistake in her math on the gusset.  I need to check on Ravelry and see if anyone else found this to be the case.  In any case, I improvised, and made it work.  I also changed the heel to an alternated slip stitch on every other row.   I want to do the ribbed version of these socks next with a solid color yarn.  They look a bit funny at the moment, seem better when on as they hug the arch of your foot.


Then, I started on the cardigan from the cover of the Poetry in Stitches book.  That is progressing along nicely, and the colors as always are amazing together.  I am following the directions, in which have you adjust the pattern at the sides, we will see how it all fits together.  Not sure if this is better than just knitting the pattern contiguously.  I was not as speedy as I had been last year on vacation with my polar bear sweater (my contribution to the Ravelympics and my own personal best of a Dale of Norway adult stranded sweater in 2 weeks).


I also broke down and purchased the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits while on vacation.  I saw the Bandelier socks knit up by MarrianAn on Ravelry with a variegated yarn instead of the multiple colors.  Now, I need to try that also.  There was not much else that interested me in the magazine, however.

KN_Fall09-112 DSCN1836