Knitting and wine


Knitting and wine don’t mix too well.  So, I have projects that allow me to knit without thinking, that I consider my “wine projects”.  I love a good glass of red wine in the evening, and still want to keep knitting.  This is my current “Zen” project that allows me to not have to follow a pattern closely.  I am making the Madder Ribbed socks from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks book.  The yarn that I am using is Crazy Zauberball.  My husband picked the colors when we were in Decorah (see earlier post), and I wasn’t sure.  But, it is knitting up very nicely.  Here is a description of the sock yarn that I liked:

Schoppel Wolle Zauberball is a wonderfully colored yarn with long color repeats that fade into each other. You’ll love the finished socks you get when knitting with Schoppel Wolle Zauberball. One ball will make a pair of socks with most patterns, but you want to be sure to check your pattern requirements to be sure you have enough yarn.

I am also progressing along on my Poetry in stitches sweater.  Started the sleeves, and decided to knit them up side by side to make sure that I have all of the increases matching perfectly.  I had to add an additional stitch before working the flower section, as they ask for the center stitch of the flower pattern (odd number of stitches) to be centered.  Without doing this, the sleeves would not have been perfectly symmetrical.  I still am holding back judgement on how the body of the sweater was broken up in the blue leaf pattern.  I also waiting to finish the sleeves to see how much blue I have extra to make the sweater body a tad bit longer.  The design is a very cropped sweater, and I think it would be more usually longer.  The other kit from this book that I knit up had a lot of extra yarn, and I am assuming this will be the same.  I am already thinking of mittens with these colors in the left over yarn, and using the flower motif.