Because I needed yellow sock yarn 

I discovered the Mystery sock thread on the Sock Knitters Anonymous forum in Ravelry in July.   Had a great time, found some amazing new sock patterns (many for free), and accomplished a lot.  So, this month, the mystery sock is by Nancy Bush, one of my sock idols, and it needed to be knit out of yellow.  The one skein I had was really a variegated yarn, which would have been okay, just not a qualifier.  I am a stickler for rules for the most part, so I needed to get a skein of yellow.  Last week I got an email that the owners of Malabrigo yarn company were going to be at Nina’s in the city.  I am home alone on Wednesdays, as hubby and daughter both have classes.  I normally do not do well at these events, but decided to go down, and hopefully find the yellow sock yarn.  I had one skein of Malabrigo sock yarn sitting waiting to be knit up, so I have not used this yet.  They had a fair collection of semi-solids, so I bought some (the center variegated red was the one that I already owned):


The owners of Malabrigo are incredibly nice, and willing to converse quite a bit even though English is not their first language.  Haven’t we all been to book signings, openings, etc to meet the person behind the scene, only to come away disappointed in them.  Sometimes it is best to leave these figures to the imagination.  Not so with these guys.  I like knowing that yarn I buy is made by nice people.   I think that objects carry the vibes with them.  Also why I don’t like crabby contractors in my house or to work on my projects.  I think that these socks already have a good positive start to them.  Now to wind and start the mystery socks…