Sock Knitting Box 

DSCN1920I went to Stitches on Friday with my sister.  She has rediscovered knitting, and came to the market with me.  She thought that we were going to a yarn store, and I said no, we are going to THE yarn store.  Almost everything that you could want under one roof, and some things that you did not know that you wanted.  Like my new box.  This is another stunning knitting accessory from the wonderful company Lantern Moon.  It looks much like a cube purse, but holds a skein of yarn for knitting, and Dpns for your socks, has an opening on the side that you feed your thread out through, and work on projects without worrying about that ball of yarn straying away (or the cats playing with it).    I love the green and purple (my favorite color combination, and the interior is a lovely gold pattern), the asian fabric, and the simplicity of the box construction and fabric clasps.

The knitting box has been holding my September Mystery Socks very nicely, and keeping the skein intact as I knit from both ends of the ball.