The other Stitches purchase 

I bought one other thing at Stitches Midwest last week.  My sister and I met Anna Grace Farrow at the booth that was selling the Isager yarns.  She was so elegant and graceful, and modeling this shawl when we got to the booth.  This was on our first pass of the exhibit, and we both decided that we needed to go back to this one.  By that time she had already left, but we tried on many of the models from her new book (along with another woman who also ended up purchasing the same shawl yarn, different colors.

Here is her book, which is self published, and I cannot find it on Ravelry yet:


And, I am making the shawl on the cover:


But with a change for the accent color from lime green to turquoise.  In this photo you can also see two different shawl pins that I got at the show to go with the shawl when it is finished.  They were made by a couple who are jewelry makers, and Jill and I both have an eye for detail.  By far, these were the best that we saw at the show.  One is silver, shaped in a lovely curl, the other is ebony with a turquoise tip that goes so well with the shawl.  I think that this will be a very quick knit, and be one of my SnB projects, or for non-focusing time.  I will wind the yarn later today: