I have to apologize to the Valley #175 j… 

I have to apologize to the Valley #175 jacket that I have been making for my daughter.  I called it a stupid pattern.  Soon after, it disappeared.  I thought that it had gotten mixed up in the yarn freezing rush during our moth invasion last summer.  I have been looking for the sweater, which was all finished except for the sleeves, for 3 months.  I have torn my yarn closet apart, and every place that I could possibly think of that I store projects and yarn.  My daughter kept asking about this sweater, and I had to tell her that I lost it.  How do you lose an entire sweater, with no trace?  Two nights ago, I had a nightmare about this sweater.  Now, I have never had a knitting nightmare before.  It was quite strange, and scary if you will.  I can’t remember all of the details.  Well, on Monday morning I woke up very exhausted from this nightmare, and a fitful sleep.  I was getting ready to go to school, and was in the front hall getting a pair of shoes out of the closet, and telling my daughter about the dream.  Now, mind you, I use this closet multiple times a day, store finished sweaters at the top that I am constantly using, shoes on the floor, and all of our family coats hanging up.  As I was telling her about my dream, a cloth bag hit me on the head, and I opened it to find the long-lost sweater.  I was freaked out.  I knew I needed to finish this sweater, and correct my language towards it.  I truly believe that items have Karma, not sure what is on the mind of this sweater, but I finally finished it up today.  It is off to be washed and blocked, then given to Sofia.  The yarn is very soft (Sheffield by Valley Yarns—Webs), we will see if it pills a lot or not.  In the washing process, it went completely limp.  Hope that it holds it’s shape when dry.


While I won’t get into name calling, I will say that this pattern is not very well thought out.  It is a simple design, and effort should have been made to create it with elegance.  I ended up having to modify the pattern to get the ribbing to line up properly on the sleeves, slip the end stitches to make pick-up easier, and modify the decreases on the sleeve to make them symmetrical.  There were other changes, but it has been so long since I worked on this that I have forgotten them.  Also, I ordered the 7 recommended skeins for size Small.  (same number is listed for the medium).  I would highly advise anyone wanting to make this pattern to get an extra skein.  In theory, I should have had a bit of yarn left to go up to the next size.  But this was all I had remaining (I even had to piece the last sleeve with 3 long salvage pieces of yarn):


Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a very nice low-key day.  Lunch with a friend, and afternoon wine with 2 others, and a nice dinner made by my husband.  We had gone out to eat the evening prior.  After my disappointing self-inflicted birthday party last year, I am taking a new approach to my birthdays.  I had planned on knitting most of the day, but was more occupied than I had planned.  The final clue came out for the mystery socks, and I wanted to finish them up on my birthday.  I was going to keep them for myself, as I love the yarn and softness, but have decided they are a bit tight, and will finish them up to give to someone later this week (with smaller feet than I).