Doily lap blanket 

I started on the Hemlock ring Blanket by Jared Flood yesterday.  Essentially, all that he did was to take a vintage doily pattern, and work it with a bulky weight yarn.  What a simple concept, wish that I had thought of it first.  His version was made with Ecological Wool by Cascade, so I decided to stay with the same.  I bought this yarn in the spring specifically for this project.  This is by far the largest skein of yarn that I have ever purchased:


And I was afraid that the ball winder would not be big enough to hold the entire skein, so I put it on the swift, and wound the 2 biggest balls ever:


Then I cast on the initial 8 stitches using the Emily Ocker cast on.  I found this video on YouTube which has a great explanation of the cast on.  This cast-on is for circular knitting (doilies, socks, mittens) where you start at the center and do not want a hole there.  Essentially you are just crocheting along the working yarn, and pulling it taut at the end, but watch the video.   After just an hour or so of knitting, on size 10 1/2 double pointed needles, I made a bit of progress, this shows the center well:


Then I switched to 32″ circulars after awhile, and now need to switch up again, but my LYS does not carry size 10 1/2 (Addi decided they were irrelevent), so I need to go someplace else tomorrow.  Obviously, the progress gets slower as you build out, but this is one quick project.  Doesn’t look like much yet all scrunched up: