Doily lap blankets galore 

I finished the first of 3 (yes 3) lap blankets that I am making.  The first was made with Cascade Ecological wool, as was used by Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed) when he made the first one from a vintage knitted doily pattern.  For those of you interested in making this pattern, here is the link to the free instructions.  These are the finished photos of this blanket, it looks beautiful draped at the back of my Vintage English A&C couch.



Now I am on to the second of the doily lap blankets. This wool is so incredibly soft, bought it when my sister and I went to a farm tour outside of San Francisco from Mimi Luebbermann. I can feel the lanolin on my hands as I knit it. The colorway is beautiful, and not showing up well in my photos. It is a dark chocolate brown, and a tan 2 ply. 2 different sheep types, spun and plyed together, and then dyed with walnuts from the beautiful drive that approaches her farm. I met Mimi at the Farmers Market in Marin.  Unfortunately, I do not think that I have enough of the yarn.  My delima is whether to use the leftover Cascade, or bite the bullet and order more.  I am tempted to use the Cascade, as I have it, the color match with the darker of the colors is great, and I can then finish it now.  I might just add on and see how the transition looks.


And the 3rd, and I think final lap blanket for the time being, is a project that my local Stitch ‘n Bitch group is doing.  We are knitting lap blankets for a group home with adults with disabilities who are wheelchair bound.  The blanket had to be machine washable, and I had nothing in my stash that fit the bill.  So, my sweet husband went to the yarn store with me today, and I bought this yarn.  It is a 50/50 blend, called Vintage Wool by Berroco.  The weight is not the same as the Cascade, so I think that I will knit this on a size 7, it will be denser, which I think will be good.  I need to wind this yarn up, but just feeling it is great.  And I love the soft teal color.