A Childhood in sweaters 

I have been slowly cleaning out the attic, and ridding myself of things that I thought were important to keep at one point in my life.  Some of the things that I found were many (not all) of the sweaters that I made for the kids when they were growing up.  These 2 sweaters are the ones that I will always keep.  They speak to me of my children, and their personalities.

This is the sweater that I made for my daughter at age 6.  I was so proud of the colors, the heart design, and how much it fit a little girl who loved clothes and dressing well.  Much to my surprise, after I gave Sofia this sweater, she announced to me that she did not want any other things that I made for her, she wanted store bought clothes.  Even at an early age, she had a style all her own.  One that she now is embarrassed by.  I will say that she has evolved, and is now always beautifully put together. When she was little, I would only have a clothing discussion when we were going out, and then I would beg her to wear one of the outfits that I had chosen.



Here is a sweater that I made for Ethan when he was about 11 years old.  I had made a sweater for my husband using similar construction where you work each panel separately while attaching it to its neighbor while knitting.   This allowed you to do complex cable patterns side by side, and not have to worry about keeping them straight, or having a similar repeat number.  It also meant that I could change colors for the different cables.  So, Ethan wanted a sweater, and I had recently acquired all of the Barbara Walker Treasury books.  He was fascinated with the patterns in the books, and chose all of the cables to be knit up;  including a spider, a peace sign, and an hour glass.  We call this the Time for Peace Sweater. I couldn’t find a way to add the spiders to the name, although they are front and center.  He lovingly wore this sweater.  He has always been a great fan of my knitting, and telling me what beautiful things I make.