Provisional cast-on 395 stitches… 

I started making the Volt shawl from the new book The Fine Line, by Grace Anna Farrow.  The cast-on and first row took me a bit of time.   Seems my counting abilities were a bit off.  That has proven to be the only difficult thing about this shawl.  I changed the lime green accent to a turquoise (and in doing so, had to use a slightly thicker yarn, but I think it will block out nicely), as I did not like any of the accent colors that they had at Stitches when I bought the book and yarn.  This is Isaeger I lace yarn, and I love it.  The shawl will be very fun to wear.  I already have another pattern in mind to make from this book when I am finished with this one.  I would also like to use this yarn for a Faroese shawl aka Myrna Stahlman.  This photo is a bit wonky, and just shows the first 2 sections with the black yarn being knit up.  The bright blue cotton is my provisional cast-on waste yarn.


I also finished Dan’s socks with the Zauberball yarn that he picked out when we were away for a weekend.  I thought that the colors would be too bright, but it works out nicely.  the yarn is fun, but you could not do any patternwork with it.  It is also a bit splity at times.  I knit them in the Madder pattern from Nancy Bush’s Vintage Socks book.   They look skinny, but have a lot of stretch, and hug your foot nicely.