82,950 Stitches 

82,950 Stitches, that is how many are in this shawl so far.


This has been an easy knit, but a massive amount of it.  I decided to see how fast I knit on average in both a knit and purl row on this.  So, I timed myself for 3- 3 minute segments on both the knitting portion and the purling.  I did it at different places on the shawl so that it averaged the amounts of increases/decreases, and slipping of stitch markers.  I did not race, but kept my normal pace.  Of course, these times do not account for mistakes, ripping back, or just taking a breather.

Knitting speed was 49.22 stitches/minute.

Purl speed was 46.67 stitches/minute.

Average speed for knitting and purling was 47.94 stitches/minute.  Since there are about equal knits and purls (the accent row is actually a garter stitch row), I calculated that this scarf has taken 1,730.29 minutes (28.84 hours) to knit thus far of just knitting time.  Not including the cast-on, breaks, mistakes, etc.  I would have thought that it was more, given that I have been at it for 3 weeks.  I have, however, slipped in parts of a sock or two also.

Now, onto a tubular bind-off, and tubular edging on all 3 other sides.  That will take a bit!