I did it again! 

I started another new project, while still having bags of UFO’s.  I am trying to start one, finish one, doesn’t seem to be always working.  When we went on our knitting retreat, I convinced my car mates to stop at Wool & Company in Geneva (not hard to convince knitters to stop at a yarn shop).  I wanted to go there, as I saw online that they carried the Isager yarns. I loved the Volt shawl that I made from the book The Fine Line, and wanted to make one more shawl from this book.  Then, I think that will be it with my kniting projects form this book.  They are all variations on 2 themes, and I chose my faviortie 2 shawls, which are both very different in feel.

The pattern that I chose for my second shawl is Dusk.  Here is the photo from the book:

The printed colors in the book seem to be a bit off from the actual color-ways by Isager.  Here is my shawl in progress, next to the colors that I will work with next.

I think that I might substitute a dark purple at the end of the blue sequence.  It will be difficult to photograph this as I go along, since it is basically a big sack on the circular needles right now.  I need to order longer needles to finish the project.  This is a very big shawl, and will be a 52″ square when finished.  My major problem has been missing a yarn over, and then I need to find it and add a stitch back in, or rip back.  I need to do the increase rows when I have not had any wine!

Had a fabulous Thanksgiving with my sister Jill and her husband Madhur.  I cooked a 19# turkey, so we have yummy left-overs for quite some time.