A RAK for me!

My good friend, and knitting buddy, Mrs. Peterson of Ravelry fame, made this for me!!!!

a better view showing the top of the tam…

And this view of the inside of the hat…  Her stitches are amazing.  At  SnB, someone asked to see the inside, and was properly impressed.

This was such a great surprise.  I had been thinking that I needed another hat, but my list of things to make for others is already long.  Then this wonderful surprise, wrapped in beautiful hand decorated paper (thanks F!) was dropped at my house.  And in my favorite colors, now I need mittens to go with it.  I have worn is several times this week, and it has garnered soem great compliments.   I will try to get a photo taken of me wearing it.

Nobody has ever knit anything for me, so this is particuarly special.  And it came with the best note, which is tucked away with all of my other letters.  Long after I have worn this out, the note will still be there.