The Virgo in me…

I am a perfectionist.  Credit that to my birthday.

I spent a week in NYC touring while my husband was working on business.  That was very fun.  I took this shawl along with me on the trip, as it is good knitting where you don’t have to think a lot.  Or, at least I thought so.  I was working on it at the airport, and noticed that I had made a mistake several rows back, 20 ridges to be exact.  At the rate of about 1,000 stitches per round, that meant about 40,000 stitches ago.  I thought about ripping it back then, but my husband convinced me that I was the only one who would ever notice it.  I kept working on it, until my beautiful new lantern moon needles broke on the wooden shaft.  So, I was done with that project for the trip, and moved on to a scarf.  When I got home I ordered new needles.  A big thanks to WEBS, as they sent out a replacement at no cost right away so that I could change needles.  I also ordered a 60″ circular, as this project is getting very big.  When I went to change needles the other day, I decided to rip back to the error, and knit it correctly.  Yes, I am the only one who would have ever noticed, and the shawl is for me, and it would have always bothered me.

Here is a photo of the shawl on the chaise in the hotel room.  Aren’t the colors a perfect match?  I am rethinking adding the deep purple at the end.

And, here is the shawl off the needles.  You can start to see how it will look.  I am really glad that I choose to make the large size.  This is a LOT of knitting, even for me.

NYC was fun.  Got to do some touristy stuff, and we met my sister and brother-in-law for dinner.  Some touristy photos: