Quilting too

I gave this quilt to my son for Christmas.   I had finished the piecing at least 10 years ago.  It is a bow-tie quilt, made with scrap fabric, and then has a large cat in the center.  My son was obsessed with stuffed cats as a little boy, and had quite a large collection.  In fact, when we were rearranging his room just before Christmas, we found a box with all of his cats inside.  It was too cute.  I pieced this quilt by hand.  I tend to be a perfectionist, and like the exactitude that I can get by hand piecing.  I had hand quilted 2 other quilts, and it is just not as strong.  So, I had this packed away.  Last summer when I was visiting my mother, she took me to the woman who does her quilting, and I dropped this and another quilt top off.  While it is now too small for Ethan’s bed, it will be a good throw, or extra cover.

I love using scrap fabrics, as many of the pieces remind me of old projects or other quilts.  The back was pieced with a large bow tie, I like how it turned out:

While I was at it, I photographed a quilt that my mother made for me a few years ago.  She found a fabric inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, and used that as the starting point.    I love the primary colors, and the log cabin is an appropriate pattern for me.  Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright’s son invented Lincoln Logs?