Knitting Nature

My husband got me this book for Christmas.  Very brave of him to stray off my list and not end up duplicting one of my books.  I am not sure what I will make from this.  There is a Sunflower Tam that looks interesting.   A lot of the projects seem more fit for a 20 year old than me.  There are some interesting details and small projects, and even a couple for the guys.  I will have to delve into the book later.

Still need to plug away on my Henry scarf and Evening Sky shawl that seem to be the endless projects.  I don’t want to put those down for fear that I won’t pick them up again.  On the Evening Sky, I am back to the point where I was before ripping out 40,000 stitches.

Last year I made a New Years resolution to knit only from stash.  Well, I did not exactly keep that promise.  If I had, I would not have discovered Grace Anna Farrow and the wonderful shawls in her collection.  So, a different goal this year–finish up 2 unfinished projects a month.  Some are big, and some small.  Also, limit the starting of new projects until the ones in hand are completed.   Let’s see if I do any better with this one.  I did make a dent in my stash last year, and RAKed a few unwanted yarns.  Now, I just need to go and reorganize.