Second chance socks

This is the first pair of socks that I made for my husband, probably the 3rd ever.  I have been trying to figure out how long ago that was, I think 10-12 years.  He now has lots of pairs that he uses regularly, so the wear gets distributed.  Even so, they all will eventually succumb:

So, I decided to rework the toe.  It was not as simple as just pulling the yarn out, as ends had been woven in, the yarn had felted a bit (even though it was sock yarn with some nylon in for wear).  I started by cutting the toe portion down, then had to pull out the yarn:

When I got that done (I had to go one row into the body of the sock because the ends had been woven in), I had to pick a new toe color.  I read about this knitter one time who put really fun bright toes on her husband’s socks, as nobody saw them except at home.  In his office is a knitter, who when she notices a new pair of hand-knit socks, has him take off his shoes so that she can see the toes.  A little bit of a wild side.  That said, I picked the pink color in the sock, and went from there.  The toes are now so soft, and I cleaned up the rest of the socks and mended one other hole.  Hopefully, there will be several more wears to this pair.  It was not a zip quick project, but definitely easier than knitting a whole new pair.  And green too!