In the nick of time

I went to my sister-in-law’s baby shower in Michigan over the weekend.  Therefore last week was a rush of activity to finish 2 sweaters.  The first was the Baby Kimono that was in the previous post.  It was quick, but on size 1 needles, not as fast as I had thought.  The second was to take the Ladybug sweater that I knit last winter, and finally weave in all of the ends and sew it together.  It was 2 solid days of finishing.  There were a lot of ends.   I spent all the time in the car that I was not driving, working on the collar and sewing hems.  Then, I stayed up with our friends until 11 pm to finish setting the sleeves in.

My brother was particularly fond of this one, as he LOVES the color orange.  I think that this is one of Dale of Norway’s best baby patterns.  Then again, there are so many others that I am anxious to knit up.