10 in 2010

Last year I made a New Years Resolution not to purchase new yarn.  I did pretty good with that one, but fell off the wagon a couple of times.  This year, I made no resolutions.  However, the other day I was looking at my Ravelry page, and the unfinished projects are shown first, so they stare right at me every time that I open up my page.  For many of them, I am not sure why they were abandoned—sometimes it was frustration at the pattern, yarn or fit, and other times it was boredom, or an exciting new project that I couldn’t wait to start.  I am definitely a process knitter, the finishing is not my favorite part.  Having finally finished the Ladybug sweater, I thought, why not complete some of these great old projects.  Therefore, the ides 10 in 2010—the goal being to finish up 10 projects that have already been started during this year.  So, ladybug counts as number 1.

Here are snippets of the other projects that I have to finish: