Oh Henry!

Was it worth it, I am not sure yet.  Ask me much later.  This scarf took way too long for my tastes.  The pattern Henry, was simple and straight-forward.  The problem was small needles, dark light weight yarn (Malabrigo sock yarn), and 500+ stitches per row.  The end result is a very dense fabric that has the look of a woven scarf instead of a knitted one.  I think that the pattern definitely appeals to men who shy away from wearing many overtly hand-knit things in public, especially with a nappy winter trench coat.  The scarf is undeniably soft, and the drape of the fabric is wonderful.

Mistakes are very hard to correct in this pattern.  At one point I found that I had a mistake, and had to unknit several rows.  That proved, by experiment, to be a better solution than taking the scarf completely off the needles.  Whenever I finished a band of the herringbone pattern, I would show it hopefully to my husband and say:  “Is this wide enough for a scarf for you?”.  He would always hold up his hand, and I watched in horror as he spread his fingers wider and said:  “just about this much more”.  I finally put my foot down when the yarn was running out, and I would have had to search my stash for the 1/2 skein that matched this.  I think that the size is good.  If I ever considered making this again, it would not be with a sock yarn, and with bigger needles.  I had issues with my thumb and left hand hurting whenever I worked on this for too long.

Moral of the story: When you read on Ravelry about people taking one year to knit a scarf, take heed.  I was very smug, thought I am such a fast knitter that I started this 2 weeks before Christmas thinking that I could finish it up for his stocking.

I still need to block this, but it is cold, and my husband gave his scarf to a dear friend who was stranded here last weekend on his way to DC.  He is wearing it as I write.