Knitting, Olympics and a Cold

I have made great progress on my Dale of Norway Vancouver sweater for Ravelympics.  Unfortunately, it is because I have been home, mostly in bed, with a cold since Sunday.  I have felt pretty crappy at times, so it was good that the beginning of this sweater was lots and lots of stockinette, with ribbing at the sides.  I have cast off the center stitches for the V-neck, and am almost ready to start the fair isle yoke.  The pattern was a bit confusing at the part where the V-neck started.  In an attempt to accommodate the people who did not want to steek the neck (and why not, it is easier, and you have to steek for the armholes anyways), they gave very convoluted directions.

Here is my progress to date:  17″ of the body done, and only Wednesday night.  Might I finish this yet?  I hope it is not at the price of being home sick in bed.