Cutting my Steeks

I have finished all of the body, one sleeve, and the second sleeve is almost complete on my Vancouver sweater.  I had a quiet morning, and thought that this was the best time to sew and cut the steeks.  I still get nervous doing this.  A lot of faith is put into sewing those lines.  I am not sure that I could ever rip them out, they get so imbedded in the knitted fabric.  Which is good, in that they will serve their purpose of keeping the yarn in place for years to come.

So, now the sweater finally looks like something that I could sew together.  I will work on weaving in the ends in the sleeves and body first, then set the sleeves in.  I really do not like setting in sleeves.  I was never overly fond of it with sewing either.  You have to watch carefully to make sure that the ease is the same around the whole sleeve.  I might do the collar before setting in the sleeves, as it is fairly big, and would require a lot less moving around of fabric.

The front steek cut for the V-neck:

My yarn marking for the sleeve sides, I could not sew straight without this…

Cutting the Sleeve opening:

Finished with all the sewing and cutting:

And showing how the sleeve will look next to the body:

Looks like I WILL finish this in Olympic time.  Now, I hope it fits…