Fair Isle on a sleeve

The directions for this sweater clearly state the sleeve increases—where to place them (separated by 2 stitches), how many, and how frequent.  What they leave out however, is how to best do this.  My preferred method is to have the 2 stitches between the increases always be in the main color.  This accomplishes several things.

  • Because you are knitting a tube, one end of the row lines up with the beginning of the next row, and the pattern appears askew under the arm unless you have a separation between the start and end of a row.
  • If you try to carry the pattern around the entire row, when you do the increases, the pattern can get a bit funky, and not flow well.  If the increases are separated by stitches (2 in this case), then the pattern flows well, and each increase just takes the next stitch in the pattern repeat.
  • This also gives the illusion of a seam down the back of the sleeve,and has a very neat appearance.

Here is a detail of the sleeve fair isle portion: