Steeking help 

I found these instructions online, published by Dale of Norway.  This is the best description that I have seen.  The only difference that I do, is when I am starting during the sleeve area, I take a contrast color of yarn (usually a cotton so it will glide out easily), and have a long string attached to a stitch marker.  I then let the tread be woven into the sweater as I knit it.  Saves going back and trying to find those center stitches, especially on a dark yarn, or very fine gauge.  I also have traditionally done 2 rows of straight stitch.  I think that the next sweater, I will do the outer rows in straight stitch, and the second sewn row in a tight zig-zag.  I often find that I can remove the contrasting yarn at the center once the contrasting color rows have been sewn,  easier to cut that way.