Time for color 

I have started a new project, perfect for spring.  Small, bright and fun.  I am making the baby dress shown here.  I think that this is so adorable.  I love making baby items to keep for future gifts.

So, I pulled out all of my colors of Baby Ull:

And, I narrowed it down to these, maybe minus the purple.  The pattern calls for an off-white for the zebra stripes.  I chose the bright white, but can change that when I get to that point.  Are zebra stripes bright white?  I think that it looks better with the other bright colors. It also called for “tomato red”, and as you can see above, I have 3 different reds.  One is tending towards a burgundy color, so I picked the brighter of the remaining 2.  I also have a tangerine color coming in my package, and think that I might substitute that.  If I decide to make the sweater, it could be the bright pink and tangerine stripes.

Of course, I did not have enough of the yellow color for the body.  I found it on sale, and ordered it on Monday (along with lots of other goodies that I can’t wait to get).  It took until Wednesday to ship, and they sent me the tracking link.  I keep hoping that it will make it here sooner than the 23rd, but that does not look to be the case.  I should just stop checking and wait.  I don’t know what it is about a new project that it so exciting.

On Tuesday I went to my first meeting of The Windy City Knitters Guild.  This group has been around for years.  They meet once a month on the north west side of Chicago.  I have been wanting to go, and a friend from our local SnB group convinced me.  They also sponsor great classes apart from the guild meetings.  There were some amazing knitters there. I had not gone previously, as it was too difficult when Ethan and Sofia were in school.  Now that they are both at college, I se no reason why I should miss many meetings.  I am definitely going to join.  In the past they have offered classes that I had paid much more for at Stitches.  So, sitting at the meeting, I started the baby dress.  Cast on 336 stitches, and knit the first round (almost).  This is a difficult first round, as there are K3tog every 6th stitch.  That is a bit tedious with a new cast on row.  So, I got to the end, and found a mistake at the beginning.  No saving that row, so I cast on 336 stitches again (a tad looser this time), and focused on my counting better.  I came home and finished the banding, now just waiting for the yellow yarn.  The yellow yarn that I have in stock is a bit off the body color, and I know that it would bug me later, so I am just sitting, waiting, and checking my tracking number.