Don’t break the rhythm 

I started the Cables Sweater by Vivian Hoxbro in the Fall of 2008.  I thought that I would knit it up quickly, but set it aside last winter with only the back collar and one sleeve to go.  That was a mistake.  The pattern is very well thought out and designed, but I got out of the rhythm of the knitting, and found myself rereading and studying the pattern for what seemed like hours.  Probably didn’t help that each time I tried to pick it up was in the evening with a glass of wine.  I have knit the collar twice now to get it perfectly balanced, and think that I am back in the groove of understanding this pattern.  Here is where I am at:

And Ella was trying to help me photograph:

We went to the PING! fundraiser last night, and the music was from all over the world.  Very fun.  My baby sweater sold, not for as much as I would have liked, but to the Treasurer of the organization who has worked on this board for years, and cleaned up my bookkeeping nightmare that I gave her.  She has 2 new grand-babies, so I hope to see a photo in a couple of years of them wearing it.