New yarn 

My yarn arrived yesterday so that I can finish the DON toddler dress.

Obviously, more than just for this project.  couldn’t resist a good bargain on baby Ull.

And, I finalized the color choices for the dress.  I opted to substitute the beautiful new tangerine color that came in my package for the suggested red.  My turquoise is a bit subtler, and my green a bit brighter.  I also finally decided with these colors that the off-white looked the best for the zebra stripes.

So, I got to knitting on the fair isle portion yesterday, and after a few rows, realized that I had a mobius.  I thought that I had checked and checked that again.  So, third time is again the charm, and I ripped it all out, and recast on the 336 stitches.  The first row is still a bear with K3tog on a cast on row.  But, I think that it looks much better.  I took even more care, and don’t have some of the gaps.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have the fair isle bottom border finished.  And, I will show the other treats that were in the package…