Lace yarn 

This beautiful natural merino lace from Habu Textiles was in the order that I received earlier this week.  I need a new shawl, and have been looking at one’s in Nancy Bush’s Lace Knitting from Estonia.

Looks like Spring is near.  It keeps flirting with us, and the last 2 days have been cold, windy and generally yucky.  The sun is out today, and it is suppose to be a beautiful day tomorrow.  I can’t wait to be able to sit on the enclosed front porch again and knit, read, relax.  I always feel like my house has gotten bigger when the weather gets nice.

I went to IKEA (I know, I know, but I needed something cheap) today to get some shelving units for the basement.  I don’t want to put a lot of money there at this point in time, but need to clean up the space and simplify everything.  At the moment, most of the things are rejects from the first floor.  Some are very nice, but cohesiveness is lacking.  Now that most of the main level is complete, I need to focus down there.  Not to mention the fact that with the TV in the family room being the only one that we connected to cable (finally got it after all these years), we are down there much more.  It has been bothering me since.  I chose the Expedit cabinets, and think that I will have my carpenter build recessed bases for them when he is doing other work this spring.  That will give them a built-in look.

They will be placed on their sides, and the wall color will be visible at the back.  I brought 2 home with me, and almost had to return the second, as they did not fit easily into my car.  I will post photos later of how they worked out.