80 degrees and knitting 

I don’t know if Mother Nature thinks that this is a funny April Fool’s Day joke or not, but it is 80 degrees here today.  It had better not snow again, Sofia and I would have to leave town.   I sat outside finishing the knitting of the body for the Zebra Dress.  It is so cute, I wish that I could go back and dress Baby Sofia in it.

I have been hanging laundry out to dry the past couple of days, and opened the house up a bit today to air things out.  My magnolia tree went from winter dormant 2 days ago, to casting off the protective shells on the buds, and starting to open up.  Whenever this happens this early, it usually does not bode well for the blooms.  If they start to open, and we get a cold spell, then the blossoms just turn brown and wrinkly, and fall to the ground.  I am hoping that the weather will hold out, as we were in California last year and did not have our Magnolia party.   Sofia had one with her friends instead.

Off to buy buttons for the Zebra dress.