Molly’s Party 

After 2 months of planning in secret, trying to knit a bit before Molly arrived at our weekly SnB meeting, we pulled off a surprise baby shower.  Who better to knit for than a fellow knitter who will appreciate each item in a way that others who do not knit will not understand.  Molly didn’t want photos of herself, but I could not resist, she looks so cute!

And, in typical knitter fashion, the knitting was done up until the end, with Cathy and Amy finishing their projects that night:

Such cute objects.  All pink and girly, as Molly assured us that the baby is a girl…

And Cathy did finish the cute Kimono sweater as promised:

With a tie in the back..

And Anne Marie was still knitting, almost finished:

My contribution was the Baby Zebra Dress, I couldn’t mention who it was for here, as I was afraid that Molly would see it through Ravelry.  I love how it is displayed on Molly’s belly bump.

We tried to take a photo of all of the items together (in the crib that happened to be in the room).  It didn’t come out great.

A couple of more items to come, still being worked on of course.