Patterns and kitchens

For a very brief time (I think less than a week), some sites selling Dale of Norway yarn were offering free downloads of books.  This didn’t quite make sense to me.  I know that there is a huge interest in the older Dale patterns, and even the new ones sell out extremely quickly (Vancouver for instance).  I have always loved the patterns, especially for children, so I snag the booklets whenever I see one that I do not think that I have (friends have been the recipients of my double purchasing).  I downloaded all of the patterns that I saw last week, and was going to post a link to them here.   They are all gone, with the exception of some more mundane ones at Bea Ellis Knitwear.  I got the Vancouver and Whistler designs, and 2 cute kids books.  I already own both adult books, but thought that the electronic copy would come in handy, as I always copy the patterns to carry around with me anyways, and this way I could print the charts at a larger scale.  Now, the patterns are available for free with purchase of yarn.  That makes more sense.

I wish that DON would publish a book with the best of their patterns.  They did a kids book a few years back, and I did not purchase it as I had most of the patterns already.  Kind of wish that I had anyways, as the patterns can get worse for wear over time.  I don’t understand what the logic is not to print a retrospective.  Just look at the prices on eBay.

I didn’t do a lot of knitting the past few days.  My business partner and I had a kitchen on the local kitchen walk, and it appeared to be very successful.  Even though it was one of the smallest, it was deemed a favorite by many.  They always have these gross monster kitchens on the walk.  One was a 4,000 sf Bungalow that they doubled in size and redid the kitchen, creating 2, yes 2, kitchens side by side.  The designer said that one was the messy kitchen.  I guess the other was just a show piece.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Here are some photos of our kitchen on the walk.  My friend Andrew will have better photos on his blog, as he staged the entire house for us.