Blog week, Post #3

One Great Knitter

Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.

This was a challenging question for me.  I tend not to subscribe to the more popular blogs, many are overrated.  I like the person, who, like me, loves knitting and talking about it.  In many cases it is because their family won’t lend a good ear to every nuance of the process.  There are  some amazing knitters out there who do great work, but don’t always get a lot of recognition.

After a day of consideration (I actually looked at this clue on Tuesday morning so that I could think about it), I have to say Grace Anna Farrow.  Her blog is A Stitch to Wear.

I met Grace Anna last August at Stitches Midwest where she was promoting her newly self published book The Fine Line

I loved not only the colors but the beautiful drape of these fabrics.  She was modeling and talking about her designs.  After going through the entire market, my sister and I went back to the Isaeger booth, I needed to purchase yarn to do one of these projects. We both concluded that this was the best at the market.  By the time that we returned, Grace Anna had left, but I got help in selecting colors.  I was originally drawn to Dusk, but thought that was too much knitting until I decided if I liked the yarn.  I settled on Volt with turquoise accents.  And, I fell in love with the Isaeger Wool I yarn, it is now one of my favorites, and something that I would not have discovered otherwise.  I love the transparency of this shawl, and how it drapes.  I get wonderful comments whenever I wear it.

So, I was smitten, and decided to knit the Dusk shawl.  This is truly a mammoth project, and I blogged a lot about both of these in the past. During the process, I found some corrections to the chart, and Grace Anna was so wonderful to communicate with.  I added my own touch with a deep eggplant at the end, but otherwise, it is her colors:

I love all of her designs, and thought that I had knit enough, but the book is calling  me back, and I want to see what i can do with the leftover yarn.

Her photography on her website is AMAZING.  That part I aspire to the most.  I often feel that I do not do my projects justice in the photos.

And, more photos from her book.

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