Second Sock Secret

I hear tell of many who have a problem completing the second sock and consequently have lots of singles.  Thankfully that has never been a problem with me, I have enough unfinished sweaters for my share.  I just finished this pair of socks for Dan.  Just a pair of everyday, but wonderfully handknit wool socks.

I learned early on the one major problem for me with the second sock, as they sometimes occur a few weeks to a few months later, and I forget exactly how many rows of ribbing, what the heel method I used was, how many picked up stitches, etc.  I very quickly came up with this “method”.  I have a small piece of paper that I keep tucked in the leg of the first sock that I make:

I add notes, simple as they may seem, such as the number of stitches cast on, rib method, rows of ribbing, heel information, and length of foot.  I am planning on making a sheet, which I will post here, that you just fill in.  This way, I always carry the first sock along with me, and refer to this paper.

These notes are not a pattern, but pertinent to me so that I understand what I did without recounting,  This is a very simple version, I don’t think that you can be too detailed however.  I will post my sheet that you fill out later this week.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!