Look what just arrived!

This quilt just returned from the quilters minutes ago.  I have hand quilt a couple of quilts, and decided that wasn’t worth my time, so I have been sending some old ones off to be finished.  I started making this when my daughter was a baby, finished it in short order, and it sat for over 20 years.  After completing it I  wasn’t really happy with the result.  But I like it now!

If you look closely, you will see that the center square is the pattern of the entire quilt.  I have a very light green dot fabric that did not come off well, but it does look good put together.  The entire quilt is a square, because the quilt itself is a larger version of the center square.

I think that this was the second quilt that I made.  There haven’t been too many.   I just have to sew down the blue binding.

I have another beautiful one that is close to completion sitting in the basement.  Must work on that.